Ionic Footbath

The Body Balancing Center is proud to offer the Q2 Energy Spa Ionic Footbath

The Q2 Energy Spa therapy is based on the fact that all living things produce a form of organic electricity or Bio-Charge. The Q Energy Spa produces harmonics and a complex electromagnetic waveform that resonates throughout the water and interacts with it in a way that is synergistic with the body producing a Bio-Electric Field Enhancement.

Based upon an interpretation of Quantum Physics Theory, The Q2 unit is an Australian device, designed to provide an external source of “negative electron” energy for the body; It’s the best type of ions for the Body to have.

All living things possess energy fields, thus when a person’s feet are in water, the body absorbs the energy provided as needed. Since the quality of design and manufacture are of medical grade and the unit is used in water, the Q2 has received official approval from the TGA in Australia (Equivalent to our FDA).

The proprietary circuitry ensures the energy waveform matches and enhances that of the individual in the water.

The changing electronic field around every person may cause a unique response in the precipitation of particles from the water, thus causing the unique color changes during the session.

The Q2, by providing negative electrons, provides energy for the body to use as required, acting as a support device on its own for enhancing ones health and also in conjunction with other therapeutic methods.

The Body Balancing Center recommends a series of twelve in 6 weeks for optimal results. "Live it and BeLieve it"

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