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The combination of these 4 special treatments: Sauna/ The Emotion Code release / Colonic / Ionic Foot Bath - has proven to be the most powerful combination of protocols for deep cleansing, detoxification and rejuvenation.
The Sauna and the Emotion Code treatments unleash hidden toxins from within the tissues of the body. Removing them with Colon Hydrotherapy, and following it up with an Ionic footbath makes a profound difference. This is what it takes. Clients report feeling amazing after this combination of services.

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About Us

After an experience having Colon Hydrotherapy in Fiji, I came back to the US and looked for a place in Massachusetts that offered Colon Hydrotherapy using an “Open System”. There was no colonic center, in the whole of Massachusetts,

About Us Continued

nine years ago which fit that criteria. Since I was looking for one and thinking others might be too the Body Balancing Center came to life bearing the moto “Build it and They will come”. You have found us. Welcome.

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70  James St. Suite 155A Worcester MA


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