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Roxana Herzog

Roxana is a National Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She discovered her passion for healing during her own transformation to health. Through Colon Hydrotherapy, Emotion Code and Body Code energy healing, and other modalities like Psych-K and Neuro Linguistics Programing, she helps her clients clear the way to healing by removing physical and energetic imbalances. A true believer in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, Roxana creates a warm, comfortable and confidential environment for discovery that honors each client’s unique needs. The founder and owner of Body Balancing Center, she lives in Central Massachusetts with her husband and two children.

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Tina-Leigh Bashaw LMT

Tina is a licensed massage therapist, and polarity therapist. She recieved her training at Spa Tech Institute in Westboro MA. She enjoys tailoring each massage and polarity session to the individual needs of her clients allowing them to be deeply relaxed while releasing tension and stress.

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Our Mission

To provide a sanctuary for learning and healing through self empowerment and the use of complimentary holistic modalities.



Make available the latest equipment and technology in the different processes of alternative healing.

Make accessible knowledge & information on how to bring balance to all body systems.


Honor each individuals inner essence and guidance on their life journey.

About Us

After an experience having Colon Hydrotherapy in Fiji, I came back to the US and looked for a place in Massachusetts that offered Colon Hydrotherapy using an “Open System”. There was no colonic center, in the whole of Massachusetts,

About Us Continued

nine years ago which fit that criteria. Since I was looking for one and thinking others might be too the Body Balancing Center came to life bearing the moto “Build it and They will come”. You have found us. Welcome.

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70  James St. Worcester, MA 01603


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